Sunday, 24 April 2011

Carpe deim

Took a 60 min run today for the first time and I have discovered I can run faster than a barge. As I was coming close to but not quite at my turn around point a barge, called Carpe Diem, passed me going in the opposite direction.  How cool!  I felt so much happier about my whole life, not just the run, I thought "yes seize the day, I can do this." I carried on running along the canal and got to my turn around and returned the way I came, would you believe I caught up with Carpe Diem near the end of my run. So I can run faster then a barge.

Carpe Diem

When I got back home in the post was my Number for my 1st 10k in July

10k race number

Good day!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


I have started a plan to improve my speed a bit for my next race in a few weeks.  In which I am running the run part of in a triathlon relay. Think I have mentioned it before, the run times for last year are a lot faster than I can do at the moment, so I decided to improve speed.So far it has been interesting it is hard I feel  like I am starting again. My legs hurt, I cant breath, sweating buckets and coming home with wobbly legs and as of yet I am not sure I am any faster. 'Need to stick to the plan' I tell my self and we will see on race day.

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