Thursday 9 February 2012

10 miles

I have done it completed 10 miles this morning. My plan was to make it a trial race day without the crowds and sea, so I was up early and had porridge  for breakfast and took Lucozade to drink as that is what is provided on race day. I even stared out at 0900  race time it was cold snow not quite melted from a couple of days ago.

The porridge felt heavy in my stomach at 3 miles in. Not to bad though I still felt quit good overall my pace was almost 14 min mile so I was happy with that.Just after that I received a call from work. Now normally I don't answer my phone on a run but I knew what the call was about and should have called them before stating out. Any way it was not a long call so not bad. I carried on.

About a hour in my legs started to show there presents I ignored them and carried on.Then came the second call from work again I answered it gave me a breather and the hope of a lie in in the morning. A further mile or so a Jehovah Witness tried to stop me, I kid you not, I am in the middle of a run and they want to talk I laughed and carried on.

Once I got to 8 mile my legs were seriously asking what I was doing and refused to go up the tiny incline at anything faster that crawl. By now my pace was 14;40 which I was still quit happy with. I made 10 miles in under 2hours 30 the allocated time for today's run. All my legs now had to do was walk a few meters home which they did very very slowly. Now I ask you how are they supposed to make 13 miles? We will see it is tapper time!

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