Sunday 5 December 2010


Well this week we have been hit by a cold snap, it has snowed, added to that I have had a Cold. Both of which are excuses I could have used but being in that determined stage, at the beginning of a program, I layered myself up and went out, grateful for the early Xmas present of trail shoes. I admittedly did not run on the worst days of my cold, did not go dancing either, deciding to go out when I was recovering.

With those challenges I managed to pass the mental block of 2min intervals WHOOP. Up until now I have done what a could to avoid running more than 90 sec intervals as I thought I could not possibly do it. I then realised what it was I was doing and changed my thinking to 'it is easy to run for 3min', as a consequence week three on the c25k has been a lot easier than I first thought it would be, in the snow and tail end of a cold. How amazing is that, so now it is on to week 4 and  the longest run is 5min, It will be easy.

So lessons learn't this week are if it is cold I can still run. If I have a cold I can still run. If I change my mindset I can run further. Great week.

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