Saturday 18 December 2010

Motivation and Frustration

This is starting to get tougher the initial motivation is starting to wear off and life is getting very busy, what with flu at work, snow plus Christmas, it is harder to get out there and run. Oh dear what was it I said last week need to be positive keep the motivation going. Well  week 4 on the c25k plan has been easier than I would have first thought, it has just taken longer. My plan was to run on Wednesday  but it happened on Thursday instead putting the rest of the week behind schedule too but its is OK. After-all my aim it improve my fitness and although I  do have a race booked in March there is still have plenty of time to more than achieve the goal of 5k.

I am starting to notice a difference. I feel so much better with just this small amount of fitness, just 6 weeks ago I struggled though 1 Min intervals and now running for 5 Mins is easier. The lesson from this week has been one of flexibly and not giving up. Cant wait until next week which ends in a 20 Min run wow!

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