Wednesday 23 March 2011

New Schedule

Started the new schedule this week to improve my speed. It has started me off easy with slow runs (Easy run) of various times. I decided to start using the heart rate monitor, for my Garmin, so that I can stay at the correct pace however I was reaching the target for a easy run whilst walking. Not good, so I have adjusted the limits a bit. I still can manage to hold a conversation so I feel OK about it. Today was a total of 50 minutes and once completed I felt I could have gone on a lot further.

It has been beautiful out there this week the sun is out and it is unseasonably warm. The blackthorn is in bloom and the ducks are much more settled in there pairs, ducklings will be showing themselves soon. With it warming up I must remember to take water with me don't know how I am going to carry it with a dog lead as-well, it is getting interesting. Next week I start speed work AHH!

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