Wednesday 16 March 2011

Wyre Forest Jog; race report

I have done it amazingly! I turned up early, just in case I got lost along the way, I did make one wrong turn but was fine. However just as we were getting out of the car there was a car accident just outside the venue, no-one was hurt thank goodness. I was glad I was not involved and it did delay people arriving after us. So I had plenty of time to get my tee-shirt, they had loads in my size still , pin on my number,  watch fallow runners arrive whilst having a drink to keep hydrated.

 All this time though meant I also had time to get very nervous cant believe how much, it  was worse than going on stage and dancing. I had to go to the toilet several times before the start.

There were about 600 runners according to the comentater even dogs, I missed Sasha at this point, I wonder how she would have got on with the crowd.

There was a Zumba warm up which I choose not to do, I did not want to be to knacked before the start

With a delayed start due to the car crash we finally were off

The beginning was down hill. I was glad I heeded advice and started near the back so as not to go off too fast but I did spend the first few minutes weaving my way though walkers. Passing people was very reassuring as  I was not going to be last, mind I was also over taken by a man with his daughter on his shoulders, mad passed though my mind

The first mile was taken up with the weaving game, then we hit the mud on a narrow path. I was glad I had the right shoes so was not worried about slipping so could carry on running. I played this game with one family , yes family, taking it in turns in the lead I passed on the muddy bit, they passed me on the dryish parts.

The final mile was one long steep hill. At the start of it I walked and thought it would go down just passed the bend but it just carried on up and up. I had to stop once to get my breath.  About 200yards from the finish it finally leaved out .When I saw my family cheering me on I almost cried and I managed to run over the finish line

 in 55.46, I know I have gone faster in training but that hill was amazing and I walked quite fast up it only stopping once. So I am very proud of my self can't wait to do it again.


  1. Congrats!! Sounds amazing! I love that they had a Zumba warm-up. Good for you! I've never signed up for a race before.

  2. Thank you Sheena and Steph for you encouragment

    Steph sighing up for a race gave me the motivation to keep going.A local charity run is more about the fun than competion so the pressure is less at least that is the theroy.