Thursday 5 May 2011

Running with my dog

When I first stared this running thing I did so alone. Which was fine but lonely and took a lot of motivation to get out there in the beginning. Then I read a artical, cant remember where , in which they suggested taking your dog with you, if you have not got running partner. Around the same time I was listening to the 4 feet running podcast, where the regularly take there two dogs with them, therefore was aware of  others doing it. I thought well it would be two birds with one stone, she needs to be walked anyway. That is how Sasha started to come along with me.


At first my plan was to only take her occasionally maybe once a week. I found though when she was not with me the run seemed harder, she acted as a wonderful distraction. I have to watch for other dogs, squirals and check she does not wrap herself around a post or my legs. I have got it down to a fine art now run and spin around at the same time.  I feel safer when she is with me specially in lonely areas. So I take her with me most of the time now, mostly though because she guilts me into it.

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