Sunday 29 May 2011

Thoughts on diet

I do not believe in diets the evidence both personal and scientific is that they do not work. In fact they are a good way to actually put weight on. I blame diets for my size. Don't get me wrong I know my size is because I eat more than burn.  I have found though with each diet started the easier it became to put weight back on, plus a little extra. So I am not on a diet the aim of running for me is about fulling my lifetime goal of completing a marathon and in the process getting fitter

All that said however I have noticed a subtle changes in food choices made. I also feel fuller sooner and don't feel the need to continue eating passed that full feeling. Not sure why this is, it could be that I feel better about myself overall. As I am doing something I have set out to do and am closer to that marathon and have much more energy overall. Others have asked if I have lost any weight and some clothes do feel loose. The answer is I don't know, don't weigh myself regularly. Yes I would love to be slim I just don't want to get bigger so won't be dieting in a traditional sense.

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