Wednesday 9 February 2011

My C25K experience

As I have already said I have now completed the c25k program. I have actually finished something I started and feel quite proud of my self. When I first started running the program the 1 minute was so hard and the time each week seem to double. Week 5 was interesting, with the transition to a full 20 minutes running, my legs were like jelly. I could not believe I had done it in the snow too.

I was even ill and did not go out for over a week yet I came back on the program and carried on. Now I can keep going for 30min, 1 minute is not difficult now. All in 9 weeks (OK 10 with the week off). OK so I am only running 2miles not the 3.1 (5k) but I will get there.

To get there I have decided to go back using distance this time, about week 5 and progress from there, which means basically I increasing the distance I run by 0.25 each week so by race day I will have completed the 3.1 miles. I will however run continently for the 2 miles not the intervals on week 5 & 6.

I am staring to enjoy running now it still hurts at times but I feel so much better the rest of the time that it does not seem so bad. May be I can run a Marathon in a couple of years.

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