Saturday 5 February 2011

After work run

Well I have completed the c25k and will cover my thoughts in a later post, I want to talk about today's run first.

I went for what was supposed to be a 2 miles run today after work. What a disaster it felt like I was starting out from the beginning again I could not even mange 0.5 mile. My knees hurt I felt sick awful. Thinking about it now though it was my first time going out after work, I like to get it over with in the morning, so have the eating thing sorted. At lunch today I sat down for my meal and was half way though when I remembered about the up and coming ran so as a consequence I was still a little full when I went out. I was also tired from work.

I choose to go after work to make my run schedule a bit more even, else at some point this week I would have three days between runs. I don't like the  idea of have a that longer gap between my runs. I also start work at 0730 , getting up at 0530 to run is not appealing to me right now, I like my sleep and am not a very good morning person.  So given all that after work seemed a good idea. I am proud that I went out and did it, next time I will not have such high expectations of a post work run.

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  1. Well done Audrey! After all running it's perseverance and some more perseverance.