Friday 18 February 2011


This week has be a good one. I am running again, using different plan as I had to readjust again to meet my 5k target before the race in March. I found one in a magazine which will get me running 5k on race day, so I am happy. It is a bit strange as each day is different. It stared with 2k run then 2min walk and repeat, the next run was 15min run 5min walk 5min run. Then my next run will repeat the first day. It feels easy at the moment having run for 30 min continuously on The C25K program. It does feel nice to mix it up a bit.

My heel feels a lot better, it still niggles so I am wary but don't want to give up what has taken so much effort to achieve. I owe some of my recovery to a interesting device called a Nova-sonic,see picture, basically it vibrates and sends sonic waves into the injured area. Now I don't know if my heel would be ok now with out it but the pain was significantly less following the first 10 minute treatment. So I  will be investing in one for myself to use in the future. It worked well on my tight  shoulders too.

I have also discovered, rather happily, that missing one run does not mean a step back, my first run back was just as easy as it was before.In fact  I ran further before I felt tired, even on a different plan. So maybe the two weeks off running they talk about before you lose fitness is true. Not sure I want to test that I think two weeks off running would be more difficult to psychologically get back from. Maybe though I am too new to this to make a judgement. I have learnt though it is not to detrimental to miss one run if you have to. That said though I am sure making a habit if it will make a difference.

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  1. Congrats on your running progess! It's inspiring to hear you're back after being ill for a week. Interesting heel device there.