Sunday, 30 January 2011

Running in the woods

Week 9 day 1
Decided to run in the woods, preparing for the Wyre Forest Jog, my other half came along to cut some wood as you do. It is a small wood but there is a path across a field to another part of it so I thought I go along it until  completing 15 min then turn around and come back. I got to the bridge across to the path and it was gone,  I was not jumping across for any one, so I ran around the small area waving to the wood cutter four times in total.

It felt very different compared to road running. The ground was uneven but soft, no mud today. I was unsure where the actual path was at times, as it was covered with last years dried leaves. I found looking up helped with that. The most difficult issue though was the path was not straight, it twisted and turned its way though the trees, several times at one point . This made it harder, each time I went though that section I felt my legs get heavy.

Overall  I ran slower and therefore had more energy left towards end so I picked my pace a bit for the last 2 min or so completing 1.72 miles in total. I did enjoy myself today it was challenging and different, so I may go off to a different woods at some point next week.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

A Plan

Well week eight is going well and  I will hopefully complete day three tomorrow. The problem is it is slow and I am no where near the 5k distance. What is more I looked up the race results, of a race I have agreed to enter as a team with work, the 5k's were between 15 -33 min. Oh dear I can possibly run 2miles in 30 min, will find out exactly how far next week, which means that if I stay at this pace I will be last by at least 10 min. The good news is that that race is not until May. I have my first one in March which is advertised more as a fun run. So the theory is I should be OK there.

My plan is then to do the  Wyre Forest Jog so I will have a better idea of the time I do in a race and then improve it from there. To achieve that, once I have completed week nine on the C25K plan, I will work on distance so I can go close to or better than  3.1miles (5k) by race time. Go the distance worry about speed later.

Before I go  I would like to thank every one who has supported me so far it in this.

Friday, 21 January 2011

week 7

At the Start of week 7 ,I think it is psychological ,but it was so hard about half way I was exhausted did not think I would make it. Carried on though had to walk for about 10 second kept just saying to my self come on you can do this and I did was bit sore the next day though. Now at the end of the week it is been better I had moments where I felt like a real runner. My Garmin has let me know that I am running about 1.6 miles, so over half way for my first 5k race in march.

Talking of races I have entered into a 10k in October and am planing to do the running 5k of a local triathlon as part of a rely team from work. So I have to keep going after march. Have also received my race details today, so it is official.

Friday, 14 January 2011


The new shoes are great I am out running on the street and I have seen ducks, squirrels and Santa doing his post Xmas run, wish I had my camera for that one. He was a  guy with a long white beard, slightly rotund, dressed in red and was impressed that I had done 1 mile. The only issue with the road are HILLS for some bizarre reason I forgot that they exist and the first run I did on the road I chose to up this long hill, it went on forever. Will go the other way next time at least until I am a bit stronger, will have to get used to hills they are everywhere.

Anyway I have completed week six, finally, it does feel great to have done so. From now on in the plan there will be no walking on my runs, I wonder how that will feel. I have invested in a Garmin 305  to see how far I am actually running. So far 1.5 miles has been the farthest distance, it has been quite slow but I am sure I will speed up once I am more used to it all. I wonder how long I should wait until working more on my speed?

So looks like I have to do more hills and think about what to do once completed the C25K plan

Friday, 7 January 2011

New Shoes

Decided  to get new road running shoes today, I have a pair of trail ones which are great but I am bored of running round and round the same field and would like to vary my routine by going along the road. So I need new road shoes they have more cushioning and help prevent injuries apparently, given how fed up I was over Christmas not being able to run, injury prevention sounds like a good  thing to me.

Anyway I went to the same place where I got my last shoes Coventry Runner. They were fantastic I was treated like runner despite my looks. Even the Niki rep, that happened to be in the shop, was helpful. He spoke about about other brands, whist I was waiting for help. I walked on a treadmill for a minute or two whist having my walk analysed, to see what type of shoe is best for me. Good job I only had to walk, not run, as that was weird enough, it is bizarre having the ground move under your feet forcing you to move. The results showed that  a neutral shoe is fine for me. This was a surprise for me as I have plantar fascitis and thought I would need supportive shoes.

So now I own two pairs of running shoes this is becoming a obsession. I will be running tomorrow in my new shoes along the road whoo!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Ups and Downs

The Christmas tree has been put away and I have space at the computer again. What a couple of weeks I have had. Before Christmas I managed to complete week 5, 20 mins in the snow, 3 times around the field. I remembered when 1/2 a side felt hard I would  imagine running all the way around it and looking back at the beginning. Then I thought it would take me a lot longer to get here but here I was only a few weeks later  I was so proud of my self.  I did how ever feel completely dead at the end of the 20 mins  with a blister on my foot, still happy and ready to move on to the next week though.

Of which I did day one quite happily then the flu hit, on boxing day could not move. I attempted to run again on new years eve starting week 5 again but only managed  half. I felt so disappointed but I could not breath and felt so sick the only answer was to drag my self home. Thought I would try again two days later and here I am just finished day three week 5 again,  it was so much easer this time, no blisters or wobbly legs.

I felt the need of a change so I run a different route.  It does mean I need to stop and  cross the road which is a bit annoying that but cant be helped I suppose. It did feel good running on a different path with Sasha.