Sunday, 29 May 2011

Thoughts on diet

I do not believe in diets the evidence both personal and scientific is that they do not work. In fact they are a good way to actually put weight on. I blame diets for my size. Don't get me wrong I know my size is because I eat more than burn.  I have found though with each diet started the easier it became to put weight back on, plus a little extra. So I am not on a diet the aim of running for me is about fulling my lifetime goal of completing a marathon and in the process getting fitter

All that said however I have noticed a subtle changes in food choices made. I also feel fuller sooner and don't feel the need to continue eating passed that full feeling. Not sure why this is, it could be that I feel better about myself overall. As I am doing something I have set out to do and am closer to that marathon and have much more energy overall. Others have asked if I have lost any weight and some clothes do feel loose. The answer is I don't know, don't weigh myself regularly. Yes I would love to be slim I just don't want to get bigger so won't be dieting in a traditional sense.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Race report Stratford Triathlon relay 2011

Second race completed wow! I arrived early once again, it is what I do. So I had the opportunity to explore how things worked and see what the expo was about. I was reassured and inspired as there were people of every type there who were doing the whole thing. You never know one day I might complete it too. I did not eat before leaving home, stupid I know, I was very nervous, don't think I would have kept it down so I grabbed a coffee and a flap jack whist I waited for the rest of my team to arrive.

Once they did we all registered together and got our numbers marked on our right arm left leg, it is still there. Then it was awaiting game again. We watched the transition area and cheered. Specially the two members of our team that were completing the whole race. Wow amazing. Soon it was Joe's turn to swim and she managed 400m in 10 min then came running out to the transition were Gill and me were waiting. Gill set off once the arm bands were exchanged. We were worried about her as she had fallen from her bike a couple days earlier and injured her shoulder.

Gill was however determined to do it just slower than she first hoped. She was back in the transition area about a  hour later just as our other team mate were finishing. I was watching them and almost missed Gills return but now it was my turn arm band exchanged and I was off. Along a grassy track the ground was very in even unlike the canal I had been training on but I soon got in to it. I had decided to keep to under 15min miles and tried to monitor myself however I found I was going at 13min miles. I was still being over taken but was not worried about it.

It was a two lap course and at half way all my team mates and family were there cheering me on so I had a little boost then. Second time round though I found my self walking my legs just would not move now it was the runners passing me that egged me on saying "go on you can do it" and "dig deep." At one point  I found I was running again with Blues Euro-vision song going though my head. Headphone were not allowed. I was singing "I can, I will" over and over and I kept on going. Suddenly the finish was in sight and I crossed to cheers. I got a PB of 46 min.

Bring on the next race

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Pre Race

It is almost race time again. Although I have been doing speed work I don’t know if I am any faster suppose I will find out tomorrow. I am nervous though, I have my kit packed and have taken it easy today.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Running with my dog

When I first stared this running thing I did so alone. Which was fine but lonely and took a lot of motivation to get out there in the beginning. Then I read a artical, cant remember where , in which they suggested taking your dog with you, if you have not got running partner. Around the same time I was listening to the 4 feet running podcast, where the regularly take there two dogs with them, therefore was aware of  others doing it. I thought well it would be two birds with one stone, she needs to be walked anyway. That is how Sasha started to come along with me.


At first my plan was to only take her occasionally maybe once a week. I found though when she was not with me the run seemed harder, she acted as a wonderful distraction. I have to watch for other dogs, squirals and check she does not wrap herself around a post or my legs. I have got it down to a fine art now run and spin around at the same time.  I feel safer when she is with me specially in lonely areas. So I take her with me most of the time now, mostly though because she guilts me into it.