Sunday 30 January 2011

Running in the woods

Week 9 day 1
Decided to run in the woods, preparing for the Wyre Forest Jog, my other half came along to cut some wood as you do. It is a small wood but there is a path across a field to another part of it so I thought I go along it until  completing 15 min then turn around and come back. I got to the bridge across to the path and it was gone,  I was not jumping across for any one, so I ran around the small area waving to the wood cutter four times in total.

It felt very different compared to road running. The ground was uneven but soft, no mud today. I was unsure where the actual path was at times, as it was covered with last years dried leaves. I found looking up helped with that. The most difficult issue though was the path was not straight, it twisted and turned its way though the trees, several times at one point . This made it harder, each time I went though that section I felt my legs get heavy.

Overall  I ran slower and therefore had more energy left towards end so I picked my pace a bit for the last 2 min or so completing 1.72 miles in total. I did enjoy myself today it was challenging and different, so I may go off to a different woods at some point next week.

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