Friday 14 January 2011


The new shoes are great I am out running on the street and I have seen ducks, squirrels and Santa doing his post Xmas run, wish I had my camera for that one. He was a  guy with a long white beard, slightly rotund, dressed in red and was impressed that I had done 1 mile. The only issue with the road are HILLS for some bizarre reason I forgot that they exist and the first run I did on the road I chose to up this long hill, it went on forever. Will go the other way next time at least until I am a bit stronger, will have to get used to hills they are everywhere.

Anyway I have completed week six, finally, it does feel great to have done so. From now on in the plan there will be no walking on my runs, I wonder how that will feel. I have invested in a Garmin 305  to see how far I am actually running. So far 1.5 miles has been the farthest distance, it has been quite slow but I am sure I will speed up once I am more used to it all. I wonder how long I should wait until working more on my speed?

So looks like I have to do more hills and think about what to do once completed the C25K plan

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