Thursday 27 January 2011

A Plan

Well week eight is going well and  I will hopefully complete day three tomorrow. The problem is it is slow and I am no where near the 5k distance. What is more I looked up the race results, of a race I have agreed to enter as a team with work, the 5k's were between 15 -33 min. Oh dear I can possibly run 2miles in 30 min, will find out exactly how far next week, which means that if I stay at this pace I will be last by at least 10 min. The good news is that that race is not until May. I have my first one in March which is advertised more as a fun run. So the theory is I should be OK there.

My plan is then to do the  Wyre Forest Jog so I will have a better idea of the time I do in a race and then improve it from there. To achieve that, once I have completed week nine on the C25K plan, I will work on distance so I can go close to or better than  3.1miles (5k) by race time. Go the distance worry about speed later.

Before I go  I would like to thank every one who has supported me so far it in this.


  1. I am just so so proud of you. When I arrive in Dubai I even think I will join your effort

  2. thank you, I would be great to you join me.