Friday 7 January 2011

New Shoes

Decided  to get new road running shoes today, I have a pair of trail ones which are great but I am bored of running round and round the same field and would like to vary my routine by going along the road. So I need new road shoes they have more cushioning and help prevent injuries apparently, given how fed up I was over Christmas not being able to run, injury prevention sounds like a good  thing to me.

Anyway I went to the same place where I got my last shoes Coventry Runner. They were fantastic I was treated like runner despite my looks. Even the Niki rep, that happened to be in the shop, was helpful. He spoke about about other brands, whist I was waiting for help. I walked on a treadmill for a minute or two whist having my walk analysed, to see what type of shoe is best for me. Good job I only had to walk, not run, as that was weird enough, it is bizarre having the ground move under your feet forcing you to move. The results showed that  a neutral shoe is fine for me. This was a surprise for me as I have plantar fascitis and thought I would need supportive shoes.

So now I own two pairs of running shoes this is becoming a obsession. I will be running tomorrow in my new shoes along the road whoo!

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